Serving Tennessee As Their Dedicated Technology Partner for Secure and Profitable Growth

We’re removing the barriers to enterprise-class IT for Nashville and Middle Tennessee’s businesses with ambitious, integrity-driven managed IT services.

Caring For Your Tech And Your People As Your Dedicated IT Partner

Is your business snagged in tech troubles and empty promises from answering machines? Does your business feel more like a contractual obligation, rather than a valued partner? Are you sure technology could better power the success of your business, but aren’t sure how? We’re here to help you to change the story.

Our mission is to empower your business’s commercial success while delighting your team every day with the best IT service they have ever experienced. Period. We do tech differently with a full-managed IT service, rooted in a culture that values integrity, proactivity, relationships, and a heartfelt belief that we can always deliver better for our clients. If you’re seeking great IT backed through real relationships, you’re in the right place!

Purposeful IT Partners That You Can Count On

We believe exceptional IT starts with creating a genuine set of values that drives our mission, inspires our efforts, and creates better outcomes for our clients every day. In every aspect, you can expect us to:

Act With Integrity

Above all things, we are honest, transparent, and do what is right for our clients and the wider community.

Demonstrate Grit

We never make excuses; we work hard and push through, no matter what. We use setbacks to grow.

Dig Deep

We seek out the root cause of issues; we make problems go away instead of reappear. We constantly learn and explore.

Be Dependable

We carry our responsibilities with pride. We show up for our clients and each other daily.

Always Adapt

Change is what we do; we roll with the punches and transform change into an advantage.

Take Initiative

We step up for our clients and each other. We find chances to go the extra mile, cultivating comradery and respect.

We Secure Your Data To Ensure Your Technology Success

We know the trust and success of your business are underpinned by robust security and empowering technology. We can help you tap into the power of both.

As your managed IT services partner, we’ll tech-care of securing your digital premises, making your tech work reliably and quickly from day to day, helping you use IT solutions that complement your strategic goals.

About Alpha & Omega: Combining The Human Touch With Exceptional Technology

At the core of our ethos are our valued principles: act with integrity, demonstrate grit, dig deep, be dependable, always adapt, and take initiative.

If you need IT support with the truly personal, proactive, and dedicated support that you and your team deserve, better is just a click away! From start to finish, you can count on Alpha & Omega to help your business thrive and enjoy an easier life.

Let’s Talk Tech, Without The Bits And Bytes

Have a goal or challenge on your mind that tech could help with but feeling stuck? We’ll gladly help you get the answers you need and take your next steps. Book a virtual coffee with our team today; we’ll gladly answer your questions and give you actionable insights, without the technobabble; no sales, just real value and real relationships.

Our Managed IT Service

Helpdesk Support

Whether it’s for issues or questions, you can call our dedicated and friendly team who will gladly ensure you’re getting the best from your IT.

After-Hours Support

When emergencies strike outside of typical working days and hours, we’ll always be there to take your call and help you resolve the situation promptly.

Network Management

We’ll take care of monitoring, maintaining, and removing vulnerabilities from your network, resulting in better performance while ensuring security.

Cyber Security

We deploy tools that secure your devices, network, and data from cyber threats. These tools monitor your IT environment for threats and prevent prying eyes from compromising you and your customers.


Every quarter, your dedicated vCIO will sit down with you and discuss the status and opportunities of your IT environment, and how tech can empower your wider goals.


We offer cyber security awareness training for your users so they can work safely alongside training for other IT tools such as Microsoft 365 so that your team can get the best from their tech.

Email Administration

We’ll take care of managing your email domain, accounts, data, and ensuring your emails are secure, so you can focus on what you do best.

Standards & Compliance Alignment

We ensure your network meets our rigorous standards for performance and security while also working to ensure compliance with your industry, no matter what it is.

Our Clients Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Alpha Omega for over 8 years. When I transitioned to a new medical practice three years ago, I once again reached out to them for my IT management. They are knowledgeable, dependable, and professional. The techs are well versed and very responsive. Having my IT services managed by Alpha Omega allows me to focus on more strategic matters and provides peace of mind that the operations of the practice move forward with no interruption allowing us to provide quality service and care to our patients. I strongly recommend the team at Alpha Omega!”

Frances Laux

Owner, Women's Obstetrics & Gynecology

“Alley-Cassetty relies on the A&O team for all our technology needs around security and internal communication. A&O consistently delivers exceptional, timely service, and their Help Desk never fails to address issues, problems, and threats with urgency and professionalism. We’re grateful for the A&O partnership and their willingness to always put the client first.”
Patrick Spear

COO, Alley-Cassetty

“We have entrusted A&O with our IT needs for over 17 years, and we rely on their expertise in cybersecurity, networking, and managed services to keep our business running efficiently and reliably. I recommend A&O to any business seeking reliable and professional IT services.”

Brad Coppock P.E.

General Manager, Powell Valley Electric Cooperative

Get A Network Vulnerability Scan For Your Business, On Us

Get clarity on your network vulnerabilities and the concrete steps you can take to address them, free of charge. Your assessment will identify security risks in your business and provide a handy report that you can use going forward to help ensure your success is never compromised by today’s cyber threats. There’s no commitment, just important information and insight into our services.