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Alpha and Omega Computer Consultants is launching a new residential division. With many home environments becoming as complex as some small businesses, homeowners are taking advantage of our anti-virus and offsite back-up services available to them. Remote support can be purchased in block hours.


 Business Class AntiVirus- 1 year

        1  machine - $36.00

        3 machines- $20.00 per machine

        5 machines- $16.00 per machine

Offsite Backup- 1 year

        Starting at $11.00 per month. Call for more details.

Block Hours of Remote Support

        5  hours-  $45 per hour

       10 hours-  $40 per hour

        20 hours- $30 per hour

* No diagnostic fee, American based support.

Finally! Trusted, affordable IT services for residential customers!


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